noiembrie 22, 2020
noiembrie 22, 2020


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When Father Christmas receives a letter from a little boy in Australia wishing for a white Christmas he knows just who to ask. The little boy’s white Christmas will be more exciting than he could have ever imagined thanks to the Mr. Men! Another great ‘Mr. Men Christmas story’, complete with snowy kangaroos, an ice-skating Mr. Bump and a snowball fight with Father Christmas!

Festive fun with the Mr Men that kids aged 3 and up will love.

Look out for: Mr. Men and Little Miss Christmas Story Treasury

It all started with a tickle. Roger Hargreaves’ son Adam asked him what a tickle looked like. In response, Roger drew a small orange man with extraordinarily long arms that could reach anywhere and tickle anyone. Mr Tickle, the first of the Mr Men, was born. Mr Tickle was soon joined by Mr Greedy, Mr Happy, Mr Nosey, Mr Sneeze and Mr Bump. The books were an instant hit and Roger went on to create many more Mr Men and Little Miss characters. What Roger really wanted was to make children laugh, which is probably why his own favourite character is Mr Silly.

Stoc epuizat


Numărul de pagini: 32

Dimensiune: 14 x 13 cm

Coperta / pagini: Coperta moale (Paperback)

Starea cărții: Iubită și îngrijită de alți copii (Second-hand)

Mențiuni: Coperta conține detalii ce strălucesc.

Defecte importante: –

Vârsta recomandată: 2-4 ANI, 4-6 ANI

Autor: Roger Hargreaves, Adam Hargreaves

Ilustrator: Adam Hargreaves

Editura: EGMONT

Limba: Engleză

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